CIA had been struck by ANONYMOUS

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 The Central Intelligence Agency had been struck by an anonymous yesterday. It was all brought about by the hackers. There seemed to be undesirable who got in track with the way through it. Shocking it was! There came heard out from the YourAnon-News. A member shut in saying CIA Tango down – that is, the troublesome. That was a phraseology which tumbled the corner of US Special Forces upon having faced the foes out. Yeah, the CIA had been shattered! Not getting enough words for the thing made the spokeswoman argued on the uncertainty in entering their site. Thus, she pondered on the current tackles they have in order to get back to what they’re doing. Not really a doubt since the group members had initiated such matter in some sites such as the Camimex. Oh! Great Job! These are the Mexican mine chambers.

Emails were even enunciated. These were not common. They had happened even before coming to a newer world. The US Justice Department and the Federal Bureau Investigation had experience on this. Got to be involved in such matters really were unbearable. Having fixed them was the only preferred solution. No instant elaboration could be heard from the members of the CIA. Not even got a worry. They were totally intelligent hostiles! Ah. Lulz Security overshadowed last June. Members actually denied the inaccessibility of the website.

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