The reign of social media

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The 21st century is the age of technology. Hand in hand with this technology is the emergence of different social media. Social media indeed doesn’t only entertain people but more importantly it helps spread the information. The downside about this quick diffusion of news is that even gossips that are often malicious would spread like a wild fire, causing bigger damage. The downside also about this so called social media is that it often obstructs the physical interaction between people; which is ironic in the sense that social media was put together to make socialization easier.

Despite of the plausible negative effects of using social media, people can’t deny the fact that social media really made our lives easier, especially those people in the media industry. Social media in the end are just tools that aid man to make his life comfortable and trouble-free, in accordance to that, it all boils down to the usage of man of it. The decision to either make this social media beneficial or not still depends in man’s hands.

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